Well, I've put together the first few lines of Fjord, implemented on Node.js.

Here's the description on GitHub: Fjord is a language for expressing domain logic as match-rewrite functions over mashable JSON Web objects.

I'm developing Fjord very openly, in the hope someone out there will be interested in getting involved in helping guide its design and implementation. I suppose code speaks louder than blog posts.

It's going to be slow progress, with a wife, two kids, and Thoughtworks all together getting 99% of my life, but at least people will be able to keep up with what I'm trying to do... I only got the project started at all because I'm off sick right now!

Here's the GitHub link: http://github.com/DuncanCragg/Fjord.

Follow me on Twitter if you want all the latest news .. http://twitter.com/duncancragg

Oh - I was lying about FOREST being GET-only, that was just to engage the REST community, but since I got zero reaction from anyone I may as well admit that I intended FOREST to use POST all along - to push updated resources into subscriber caches as I have always done. Or to use long-GETs to pull them in. Both are tunnelling cache refreshes over HTTP. Neither are Official REST.