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Web 2.0 and our Digital Rights
June 23, 2006 17:58

Open Data .. has .. recently .. been.. all .. over .. the .. blog .. o .. sphere!

Openness is a classic Us-and-Them issue. Big, nasty Apple/MySpace/Flickr is trying to control what little me/SingleStatus/Zoomr can do with my/our own stuff.

Open Data vs. Closed; Open Source vs. Proprietary; P2P vs. DRM; privacy vs. surveillance. The battles between the freedom of the pioneer, the individual and the minority against the rules and stability of the establishment and the majority form the endless shape of human history.

Us beating Them is Hollywood's favourite subject on-screen - and ironically Them fighting Us Hollywood's favourite battle off-screen.

As an Us-and-Them issue, with Us less powerful than Them, it's also tempting to give up and to follow the crowd - to do what we're told, to not ask for or sieze the privacy and open data we feel entitled to.

However, at XTech 2006 recently, there was a set of talks on the subject with a more positive approach.   ...

The "Imperative to Declarative Inversion": Open Data is OK!
May 11, 2006 21:36

There is something about the Internet that nurtures open data, and something about computers that nurtures closed. It is often necessary, but often painful, to make the jump from local, closed data to global, open data.   ...

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