It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2006 'What Now How' Awards for REST Protocols (or 'APIs') in the Read/Write Category.

All this year's awardees share the distinction of being truly worthy of the 'REST' label; these Read/Write Protocols are acknowledged here for their uncompromising adherence to the simple principles of the World Wide Web.

So, without further ado, let's announce this year's awardees...

The Winners:

And the Runners-Up, who achieved their success through the simple adoption of the Atom Publishing Protocol:

Thankyou, and good-night.


If you feel your favourite Protocol or API has been unjustly excluded from this awardee list, then add a comment below and I'll explain why - or add it to the awardee list!

Although all of the winners use PUT and DELETE, GET and POST alone are quite enough to win this coveted Award!

Of course, make sure you don't nominate a STREST-out API...